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The Sōtō Zen Buddhism Europe Office is a representative of Japanese Sōtō Zen Buddhism in Europe. The European office has been based in France since 16th December 2006 and to facilitate its activities an association, named the “Centre Europeen du Bouddhisme Sōtō Zen”, was founded in accord with the French laws regarding non-profit associations (That of 1st July 1901).
The Association regularly organizes at least two annual events:
- The annual meeting of the Conference of European Sōtō Zen priests;
- The annual seminar for Sōtō Zen priests having the Dharma rank of Osho or above. This being in accord with the both rulings of Japanese Sōtō Zen Buddhism and the internal bylaws of the Association “Centre Europeen du Bouddhisme Sōtō Zen”.

-Statuts of Centre Europeen du Bouddhisme Sōtō Zen (En, Fr) PDF
-Internal bylaws of Centre Europeen du Bouddhisme Sōtō Zen (En, Fr) PDF


Conference membership
Persons who apply for membership and are subsequently registered form the membership of the “Conference of Sōtō Zen European priests”. Members receive an invitation to attend the annual Conference meeting and annual seminar, as well as news and other information about the administration. They are permitted to use the “members’ site” on this website.
To become a member of the Conference, an application should be submitted to the Sōtō Zen Buddhism Europe Office.

Sōtō Zen priest registered with the Dharma rank of Oshō or above
 (Priests who have accomplished Zuise ceremony at the Head temples: Eiheiji and Sojiji)

[Addmission fee and Annual charge]

Application form “Application to become member of the Conference of Sōtō Zen European priests” PDF